Brunch at the Green Lake Bar & Grill (Groupon Restaurant)

Bought an $18 for $30 groupon here and swung by for lunch one day when I was too lazy to cook. It’s not difficult to use up the full voucher amount in one sitting I think.

We had the tomato basil bisque, which was full of umami and had some hints of cheese.

Z ordered The Full Monty – a Monte Cristo crossed with a Bo burger. Kinda strange to have a beef patty in a Monte Cristo I felt. The ham and cheese and egg went but the beef was a little weird. There are some ways to gussy up a sandwich that work and some that don’t.

Here’s the cross section of the Full Monty. Way too much meat I think! But then again this is a bar so I guess the bar-going types like this sort of thing. I really liked the caramelized onions.

I ordered the 3 pig mac & cheese which seems to be hugely popular on Yelp. It was really good! It’s basically a very creamy, flavorful mac & cheese (none of that nasty floury cheese sauces for you) with tender pulled pork, bacon, and crispy prosciutto bits. Even though there’s so much meat in this one, it really works! And I seldom see a Mac and cheese that has pork added to it rather than seafood. I highly recommend this dish if you’re coming here.

This was so much for two we had to pack it back for dinner. It’s nearby my apartment, really convenient, and serves pretty decent bar grub, so I might be back. They’re serious about service here – our server was “tailed” by another server because she was being trained, and I thought she was the trainer because she was pretty amazing as it was. Only gripe is that there is no free parking nearby (or we didn’t look hard enough). I suppose one could park at Green Lake or 1 block away or something. But they should provide customer parking!


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