Lunch at U:don

This is a small noodle bar in the heart of College Ave that serves house made udon noodles. While queueing up to get to the “soup station” where they boil your noodles and add soup or sauce to it, you can see a guy rolling out the udon dough and sending it through the presser before it is cut into udon. When you get your bowl of udon you can also see its house-made-ness by how some pieces taper and some pieces are more uneven. The udon is delicious! Just the right amount of bite and springiness. They’re pretty popular because you know how Seattle’s weather is, everyone is always craving a nice bowl of noodles in hot soup. The soups (dashi stock etc.) is also made in the shop and tastes really good.

After ordering your udon you get to choose additional deep fried sides from a tempura bar – like a very unhealthy yong tau foo. Here’s a spring roll and chicken karaage. I always get the chicken karaage and the potato croquette, both of which are excellent. They’ll give you a little bowl of tonkatsu sauce but I usually ask for mayonnaise instead.

Their takopachi is not bad but not fresh. There’s a takopachi stall in the Uwajimaya food court so we might try that one day. It only sells takopachi so I’m sure it must be decent. We also recently found out that college students get 10% off at Uwajimaya on Friday nights! I felt so sad after finding that out last week (too late).. at that point I’d already spent >$500 at Uwaj on like all sorts of pretty Asian plates and groceries and sauces. My kitchen is pretty well stocked to cook any zhi char type dish you can think of.

I usually get the kitsune udon and add an onsen tamago. The sweet gluten goes perfectly with the soup. We’ve also tried the beef sukiyaki in sauce which is really good and what a lot of guys here seem to order. Note that they charge extra for adding wakame and other things (only spring onions and ginger are free), which they will offer you without telling you that those fixings are chargeable. You would do well to read all the MANY little paper signs stuck up in the restaurant telling you what is chargeable. If I’m not wrong takeaway boxes are also $.50 a box so it’s cheaper to eat there. Just some tips for any poor college students reading this!


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