Shao la in the International District, Seattle

This humongous lunch box of cantonese roast pork loin (char siew) and roast chicken was bought from this store next to Shanghai Garden near Uwajimaya Village. A quick search on Gmaps reveals that it has a name! King’s Barbeque House! It’s actually a REALLY tiny shop front with no seating almost and they were almost closing, so the meats were not that fresh. But they still had a nice bucket of warm rice and it was raining and we were hungry so we ordered a single lunchbox of 2 meats and a rice for only $7.95. The portion is large. We shared it between the both of us (and we were both hungry) but were completely full after this one lunch box and barely had any space to squeeze in the beard papa cream puffs after.

I liked the roast chicken cause the meat was thoroughly flavoured all the way through. We got a chicken leg which was really tender. They chopped straight through the bone though, so the meat is sort of like a roulade with bone in the middle. The bone shattered and there were little hard nubs of bone marrow which were sort of annoying to pick out from the rice; one could break a tooth. The char siew could be better I guess! You could see translucent bits of fat still and it wasn’t nearly charred enough, unlike in sg. I’m sure the one in the Uwaj food court would be worth a try, but they were already closed by 7:30pm when we went.


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