Dinner at Bengal Tiger (Bing Rewards)

This place has 25% off Bing rewards! There are quite a few Indian restaurants in the vicinity (Taste of India, India Bistro) so this could be easily overlooked. Bing rewards are just like Groupon only you don’t need to put any money down and the savings for this restaurant was 25% off your total bill (probably sans tax, I didn’t check)

They started us off with chutneys and papadum. The papadum were freshly made and had lots of little bits of spices in them, like cumin.

We ordered the onion bhaji, which was a little starchier than we were expecting (more of an onion pakhora), but it was not bad. Would have preferred more onion and less chickpea/potato filling.

The basmati rice came with the tandoori set. It has pretty little flavour but is great for taking away and frying up with butter and raisins to make an Indian sort of fried rice.

we ordered the garlic and basil naan to go with our butter chicken. I thought the naan was quite average, not really glistening and not really super flavourful or charred nearly enough. They don’t even seem to have bothered using real (i.e. fresh) garlic or basil. The texture was also pretty average.

The butter chicken was quite nice, but I’d prefer it spicier rather than creamy. I still haven’t found butter chicken to rival that in New Everest Kitchen, which is chock full of spices you actually need a cold tea or lassi to mute the spice.

The tandoori chicken was also not that flavourful – it had a nice charred taste but the marinade didn’t really penetrate the meat. the tandoori chicken at India Bistro or Jewel of India is much better. We also learned at this restaurant that tandoori tikka meant chicken without the bones and costs $1 more.

Here are all the dishes together. The pictures were taken with LZ’s nokia lumia because it handles low light (and this place is dark) much better than my canon. It was really quite empty for a Friday night, probably because the food is quite average. I probably would not have come here/would not come back if not for the discount! There’re probably better things on the menu.


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