India Bistro

The Lunch Buffet here is $8.95 and pretty worth it, I think.

Before you reach the hot food section there’s a huge glass platter filled with all sorts of grilled vegetables – green peppers, onions, carrots, cauliflower, etc. and some kind of potato (?) fritter that’s delicious. Would be better if it had a chipotle dip, but they have all kinds of raitas/chutneys in the salad section that you can ladle on top of the fritters.

The tandoori chicken is much more flavourful and well marinated than the one at Bengal tiger, but it didn’t seem particularly fresh from the tandoor, more like it was leftover tandoori chicken from the night before that was preheated. The flesh was still tender, but that’s typical of dark meat.

They had some pretty nice papadum that had a weird glossy sheen. Goes well with the butter chicken gravy. The butter chicken itself was too creamy (in a flavour diluting way) and not spicy enough.

I really liked the stewed cabbage and potato with their basmati rice. But after trying all these Indian places I think I still prefer Jewel of India which is just down my street. They’re small, homey, but have very good naan and very fresh tandoori chicken (when it is refilled).

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