BBQ Chicken on The Ave, UDistrict

I saw this place after walking around The Ave after church one sunday and was so surprised that they had an outlet here. This is also found in the basement of Northpoint, so naturally I was quite happy to find a fastfood outlet from home just down my street!

We were here for the Korean fried chicken, so we shared a 1/2 and 1/2: Half a portion of original olive oil fried chicken

and half a portion of sweet garlic soy glazed wings.

They were excellent. I liked the original fried chicken better but the sweet garlic soy glazed wings reheated better in our little oven toaster (better flavour, less tough, etc.) We couldn’t finish these two plates between the two of us so of course we tapaoed some home. The portions are a LOT more generous than what they are in Northpoint, where if I’m not wrong you can only order single person helpings instead of an entire basket of chicken. This 1/2 and 1/2 cost something like $22 or so, pretty reasonable as far as korean chicken goes. The breading on the original fried chicken was not salty enough though, it’s much tastier in Northpoint.

We got the cheese corn in a skillet as a side. The corn was canned corn and there was very little cheese, more corn water than anything. The cheese corn at Stars in the Sky is much better.


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