Dinner at Malay Satay Hut, Redmond

We came here after a night of working in the Maker Garage making some trivets and coasters. It was one of the places recommended for chicken rice on the singaporean students at UW facebook thread, but we really came here because I was craving a yam ring :P We managed to try a lot of other Malaysian/Singaporean zhi char type things though, and it made me really happy.

The scrambled egg hor fun was not bad, it had wok hei but the hor fun noodles were too thick. At least they bothered to char the noodles before frying it in the sauce, so they were nicely browned (or perhaps you can buy them that way here, I don’t know). It would suffice for any horfun craving you have I guess! And it have nice chunks of seafood in it (big prawns and scallops) but the sauce gets a little gluey after awhile. Best to share this dish, I think!

The beef rendang was really flavourful and was soaking in a generous pool of sauce. The beef was extremely tender and the rempah/spices were all quite accurate. We packed some of the sauce and made a rendang fried rice at home :)

Here’s my rendang fried rice. I just added some left over rice, a shredded omelette, long beans and pork floss to the rendang sauce we took home. It was really awesome.

The sambal kang kong was quite nice but the sauce was more watery than pasty and the sambal was not spicy enough (to cater to ang moh tastes). But the kang kong was crunchy and you can taste the hay bee in the sambal.

And here’s the awaited for yam ring – markedly different from the type you get at any zhi char stall nowadays where the exterior is really crispy and “fluffy” at the same time with curls of batter flaking off. This one was more simply battered but the yam paste in the ring was really nice. We ate with a fellow Singaporean who had actually never eaten yam rings in Singapore before despite having lived there for a good 21 years. Gosh.

The hot plate tofu was the most disappointing because it was just regular braised/stir fried tofu served on a cast iron plate. They didn’t have the legit minced meat sauce nor the nice omelette layer sizzling on the hot plate (then what’s the point of the hot plate?), and they didn’t use egg tofu! That’s sacrilege. I much prefer the tofu at Facing East which is hands down better than this.

We kind of over-ordered for the four of us (we were just so excited about eating at a Malaysian restaurant) so had to pack quite a bit back. Most of the meal was vegetables though which are easy to finish. I’d say the yam ring was the best and the hot plate tofu was the worst. They also do nasi lemak and chicken rice and other Malaysian/Singaporean favourites like that which I highly recommend for any Seattlite who’s never tried that kind of cuisine.


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