Home made egg pasta

A coupla weeks ago (before midterms) I had a spare saturday with nothing planned and nothing big due, so I cracked open the pasta maker Z got for me for christmas and decided to make some pasta! I have nearly zero experience making pasta; there’s this one time where I tried making porcini filled ravioli with a crappy european ravioli mould which failed because I tried to roll out the ravioli sheets by hand and the ravioli mould was so difficult to work with. Now I have lots of equipment, namely the Atlas pasta maker

as well as a really legit C. Palmer ravioli press

I got from Food52 Provisions when they had free shipping. And a week ago a recipe came out on the Serious Eats weekly digest for fresh egg pasta so all the elements aligned for me to make some tagliatelle!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 cups of all purpose flour (forget that 00 shit, where is anyone supposed to find that stuff outside of Italy??)
  • 2 whole large eggs (your regular cheapest brand 18 pack from the supermarket would work.. although of course if you use eggs from happy hens you will probably feel subliminally happier/more morally smug as you eat your pasta)
  • 4 yolks from large eggs
  • 1 tsp kosher salt

I followed her instructions to a tee. Made a flour well, dumped the eggs and egg yolks in the middle (my well was too small as you can see from that leak)

Stirred it up with a fork. I didn’t have a dough cutter/bench knife so I just used a firm rubber spatula to sorta sweep the flour in.

The dough may not look like much at this stage but kneading it will make it all come together. Resist the temptation to add/spritz water on it before you start kneading! This recipe needs no water unless your eggs are abnormally small or smth. Kneading the dough is rather therapeutic especially since you can never over-knead pasta dough. It actually gets progressively springier/more elastic/silky feeling so you actually feel like you’re getting somewhere with this. I take about 10 minutes to knead mine, though I’m sure less is fine. Use the heel of your palm, pressing downward and outward from you, rotate 45 degrees, rinse, repeat, etc…

Here’s the finished dough left to rest. Let it rest for at least 1 hr for the gluten to relax. It’s not supposed to rise or anything, so, a lot less anxiety inducing than bread dough. Don’t you like my cute rubber spatula from William Sonoma?

I used my pasta maker to roll out sheets starting from the widest setting (0) all the way to 6 for my tagliatelle. It could probably go to 7 in a pinch, but even at 6 sometimes the sheets did not behave well and tore or wrinkled (So this egg pasta recipe is a little bit delicate). I cut the tagliatelle with a knife.

Here it is coiled into nests. If you want a nice picture like this you have to FLOUR YOUR NOODLES with a good deal of semolina/all purpose. Ours stuck together after this and was a very sad affair. I managed to roll it out again though :P So as you can see that even though the dough might be slightly delicate (it really is just eggs and flour), it is very forgiving and will retain its pliability to be rolled out multiple times. I made squid ink pasta recently that was not so forgiving but also more robust.

And here’s the tagliatelle in some BBQ rib sauce since a half rack of BBQ ribs was on offer at Safeway for $5. Threw in some celery, orange bell pepper, pizza sauce, a hardened rind of parmesan, and a bunch of other things (including turkey drippings from last thanksgiving :P)

The noodle texture and bite from this particular recipe by Niki Achitoff-Gray is AMAZING. Tastes just like most pasta in Italy (i.e. nothing like the dried durum wheat pasta you get from Barilla or whatever.) I’ll definitely be making this again and again.


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