Lunch at Coastal Kitchen, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Came here for our anniversary and because it had a 4 star rating on Gmaps, but it was slightly disappointing I thought.

Z had a ginger cherry (or was it lime?) seltzer that was pretty nice.

I had a dungeness crab melt which was 100% dungeness crab meat, no filler (except some parsley) and some sharp cheddar between two slices of sourdough. It was great. I loved it, but thought the flavour profile was a little one-dimensional.

It was chock full of dungeness crab meat, much like the one at Duke’s chowder House. There was a tiny sliver of shell though that got caught between my teeth which was rather annoying.

Z had the Croque Madame (at my request :P). It’s lovely eating with people who are not that picky about what they eat. The skillet tasted a little eggy, which was weird because

The two poached eggs on top were totally overcooked. Hmm. Points off for the overcooked poached eggs – if you advertise yourself as a breakfast place you should at least know how to poach eggs properly so the middles are runny and everything. I think it’s because they put the poached eggs in the oven with the sandwich- such a newbie mistake. I also really didn’t like how the brioche scraped up from the skillet tasted like raw egg. They should wash and oil their cast iron skillets properly.

Well, we won’t be back here in a hurry, but there are lots of things in this neighborhood that are really interesting, like the technical book store and cafe next door that had a bunch of graduate math texts for leisure reading.


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