Lunch from The Boar’s Nest, Ballard

On another one of those (increasingly many) lazy stay-at-home days when I sent Ze out to buy some Louisiana BBQ back for lunch from the Boar’s Nest. I was just randomly surfing the restaurants on Eat24 when this came up. Everything sounded really good but I think the taste turned out to be pretty average-mediocre.

Their corn bread. The best corn bread I’ve had is still at Kenny Rogers. This was not moist enough (I guess you’d need to butter it liberally and they DO provide the melted butter)

Onion rings and mac & cheese bites – You can choose two sides with most of the things that you order. Someone recommended the onion rings because of its “shatteringly crispy batter” on Yelp. Sorry to report that the onion ring batter was nothing special, in fact it was breaded (rather thickly at that) instead of battered. The onion rings done by Kidd Valley are MUCH better.

Mac & cheese nugget cross section – stayed pretty warm all the way from Ballard back to our place. Very melty but obviously not high quality cheese.

IAre you starting to see a trend with the breading they put on.. oh, just about everything?) We got a Southern fried chicken sandwich – this had a huge chicken breast cutlet sandwiched between two buns. BUT the fried chicken breast was completely underseasoned and untasty. McDonald’s does a way better Southern chicken sandwich. They didn’t even bother adding the mayo, I had to squeeze it on myself (but they did have pickles).

We also got the “Boss Hog” – your choice of three different meats with two sides, which sounds like a lot but they do sorta portion it so it looks like it’s for one person. We didn’t finish it within one meal though and had the leftover meat for dinner after with King’s Hawaiian rolls. I opted for BBQ chicken, pulled pork, and a smoked kielbasa. The most flavourful thing here was the kielbasa. The pulled pork is tender and juicy but still a little meh on the flavour. The BBQ chicken was quite good but it looks so genetically modified and unnaturally shiny.

Well, it was worth a try. Apparently their ribs are pretty good.


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