Takeaway from Chef Liao’s

This is fast becoming one of my favourite chinese restaurants in the area. I’ve ordered from them only once before and they are always difficult to get on the line and the wait is about 40 minutes for them to prepare your food. The place is ridiculously popular and also understaffed.

We had their “paper wrapped” chicken, which was more like little chicken breast fingers wrapped in aluminium foil. It was actually really tasty! (Especially those black carcinogenic bits in the foil) And quite reasonably priced too, at $6-7.

We ordered the Yang zhou fried rice which comes with chopped up chinese sausage. I am not a fan of most cured chinese meats (except bak kwa). I had to pick all the little buggers out! They were certainly generous with the sausage. I felt like the yang zhou fried rice didn’t have enough wok hei though. It was a humongous portion, we basically split this meal across lunch and dinner.

The shrimp in lobster sauce is really good. It has lots of wispy little egg white fragment in the sauce as well as salty black beans and salt pork strips. `I loved it. The shrimp in this are also pretty jumbo, and the sauce is really flavourful (the kind that would require quite a bit of heavy duty mincing of garlic and ginger to get it to be that fragrant)

If you want to order from here, make sure you call about 1 hour in advance of when you actually want to eat. They tend not to pick up the phone too often/the phone line is always busy.


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