Dinner Take-out from O’ Ginger, Green Lake (Groupon restaurant)

So we bought a groupon for this restaurant ($12 for $20 of food) since it was so near to our place. And you can use the groupon for takeout! That’s really awesome. They also seem to do a bunch of south east asian food (as you can see in what we ordered):
Laksa – this isn’t all that similar to the laksa we get in singapore – there’s not much of a haybee taste and they seem to have added minced chicken or minced pork to it (!?!?) but it was good enough to satisfy a craving. The noodles used are also a little thinner that the normal chu mi fen that laksa requires, but I’ll look past that. They didn’t serve it with an egg but they did serve it with beansprouts and shrimp. They left the shrimp in the soup though (we ordered takeout so they separated the broth from the noodles). They should have put the shrimp with the noodles of course but that’s just nitpicking – I bet the shrimp was already overcooked before they decided to leave it in the curry.

Their roti canai is an appetizer an is served with some condensed milk/mayonnaise mix, the same exact sauce that they serve with their honey walnut prawns (see below), which is kind of disappointing. How does roti canai go with that? The only sauce roti canai should be served with is fish curry. The roti canai also tasted pretty much like they warmed it from frozen packets that you can buy at any asian grocery store.

The honey walnut prawns were pretty nice but I thought the sauce was too gloopy and thick – a lighter, more fragrant, even citrusy sauce would take the dish to the next level, not this toothpaste like consistency that glued the prawns together.

Well, I enjoyed the food (mostly) and would probably order from them again.


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