Carrot cake recipe

So I finally got down to trying the carrot cake recipe Leslie Tay shared one day while we were craving a nice hot plate of golden carrot cake. I’ve tried making this in Ithaca once and failed completely. This time around I used the right recipe and the results were tremendous! So as not to confuse my non-singaporean readers, the carrot cake I’m referring to is a savoury entree in Singapore that is really made with daikon radish (occasionally carrot) – in chinese the words for carrot and daikon is just a matter of tacking on a color at the beginning, i.e. radish = white carrot. So we call this carrot cake but it’s nothing like the cream cheese slathered confection you guys have.

The white version with XO sauce looks like this.

The recipe is easy to follow, uses ingredients that are easily found in a supermarket (don’t get tripped up on “wheat flour”, that just means regular all-purpose flour), and tastes amazing.

I had my trusty sous chef julienne the radish up into matchsticks:
(better than grating them, so you don’t lose their juice)

and this is us pouring the rice slurry mixture into the radish broth. I boiled 900ml of water with ikan bilis (dried anchovies), chicken stock, and also dashi granules to get that full umami flavour before dumping my radish matchsticks in to boil for about 5 minutes, then I added the flour slurry. While his recipe is a little ambiguous, the flour slurry is meant to be added while the stock and the boiled radish is on the stove, and then you stir it to cook it down into a paste.

Here’s the white version without XO sauce:

And the black version with kecap manis and dark soy sauce

The closest equivalent in the states is usually called pan-fried turnip cake on dim sum menus, but this is way better because of the egg and salted radish that goes into it. I’m pretty tempted to set up a popup stall at the Fremont Sunday market selling this :P I think people would be willing to pay $8 a plate. If anyone would like to sponsor/invest in a pop up stall please let me know :P I’m a pretty unreliable chef though because I can’t make it on sundays if homework is due the next day :P
You can get the one-page printable recipe for Carrot Cake here!


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