Dinner at Cutter’s Crabhouse (Groupon restaurant)

We came here because of a $30 for $50 groupon and found out that they have a 3 course dinner for $30 offer on weekdays anyway that one isn’t eligible for if one buys a groupon. Kind of good to know. I think the groupon was worth it for us in the end because we ordered only what we could eat (didn’t pack anything) but the 3 course meal might have larger portions.

We started with the Crab and artichoke dip which was this creamy, slightly tangy, herby dip that was excellent with the crusty, thinly sliced baguette. It wasn’t super crabby but it was certainly a pretty decent dip by itself.

We shared the lobster and prawn gnocchi in a sherry cream sauce as an entree – they kindly split it into two gratin dishes for us and the portion was huge! Lots of lobster legs and little shrimp in the pasta, and the gnocchi was pretty creamy. I don’t like gnocchi as a rule because I find it too doughy and tasteless – it’s not even like the sauce anneals nicely to it unlike fusilli or penne. When you grow up in an Asian culture most dumplings/noodles are usually on the more delicate side and you’ll find that many singaporeans do not really appreciate thick-skinned, unskillfully wrapped dumplings like pierogies. The first time I had it in the cornell dining hall I was pretty amazed that anyone would eat that. What more ravioli filled with ricotta, which was like stuffing a carb… in a carb. I’ve since learnt to enjoy ricotta stuffed ravioli (I recently even mixed ricotta into my lobster/prawn ravioli filling) but pierogies are still too hearty for me. The gnocchi here was pretty nice, but I did get a wee bit sick of the uniform texture in the end. It felt a little like I was eating lumps of flour.

Their warm ganache lava cake with raspberry cheesecake ice cream had a fancy name but pretty crap execution (look how wrinkly the sponge is!). The cake itself was a simple sponge with ganache poured over it – not sure how that constitutes a “warm chocolate cake”, which most people except to be a lava cake or chocolate fondant cake at the least. And chocolate lava cakes are so simple to make. Not only that, you can purchase ready made ones (I am not so naive to think that all restaurants are preparing their own desserts) pretty cheaply. What was up with this? Even the chocolate lava cake at Applebee’s or any random chain restaurant is better. We didn’t finish this.

All in all, the mains/appetizers/savouries are pretty OK, but I’d steer clear of the dessert.


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