Dinner at Indo Cafe

I was seriously craving Indonesian food (it doesn’t seem to be as popular here compared to Vietnamese/Thai, not sure why) and there was this tiny hole in the wall restaurant in a completely deserted strip mall on Hwy 99 that served exactly what I was looking for!

We tried their chicken Satay, which was perfectly tender, moist, and charred. They also used thigh meat, which is so the way to go. It was doused in a really thick, sticky peanut sauce which had an almost paste like consistency. Not bad, but the peanut sauce could be less peanut buttery and more peanutty, if that makes sense.

I love Gado Gado – it’s the perfect combination of bean sprouts, hard boiled egg, fried bean curd, and keropok. This one didn’t have any cucumber, so I cut up the cucumber on the side of my ikan bakar kecap to add to it. Not bad, but it could be spicier. In general I think their peanut sauce is not really flavourful enough.

The Ayam penyet with coconut rice was the most disappointing dish because the chicken was not very well marinated, nor was it smashed. And it was doused in a pretty one dimensional sambal that didn’t really have much umami or sweetness. The coconut rice was not bad but I don’t think it was cooked with screwpine leaves.

The Ikan bakar kecap was pretty amazing – tender but crisp on the outside, and perfectly charred all over in their kecap manis. They also served the kecap manis in a small bowl on the side for you to dip the fish flesh into. It was a humongous fish! Totally delicious. They could have garnished with more fried shallots though.

This place will certainly satisfy any indonesian craving you have, even if it isn’t the most authentic. I’m pretty interested in going back to try their mie goreng as well as their sambal eggs.


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