Dine Around Seattle at Lucia Greenlake

This was -supposed to be- a Dine Around Seattle restaurant but when we went in the first week of March they inexplicably weren’t serving the Dine Around Seattle menu they put up on the DAS site. It wasn’t keyed into the system or something. (?!?) Oh well. We ate there anyway (and it was cheaper than ordering from the DAS menu in fact)

The interior is pretty much like a well lit bar.

The lunch menu is pretty spare, has various pastas, sandwiches, and pizzas, all of which come with a soup or a salad (i.e. two out of the three DAS courses)

The Caesar salad was typical

The tomato basil bisque was not bad, but tastes like it was mass produced somewhere (almost exactly the same as the one in the Greenlake Bar and Grill. Do they all have the same supplier?)

I did like the shredded pepperoni and tomato jam pizza, but not the crust, which was doughy and weird. The pepperoni was really crisp and not too salty.

The spaghetti with meatball in truffle fondutina was really… bad. The sauce was not creamy at all (you can see the graininess of the alleged “fondutina” which seems to imply that their cream curdled) and the truffle taste was not very strong. It didn’t even take a nice photo – there was one, huge meatball slathered in a pink sauce (I think they actually say “pink sauce” on the menu. It’s easy to choose which restaurants to dine at on the DAS list, really. Just look at how much effort they put into their DAS descriptions! Pink sauce. Seriously, guys. Also, I’ve never seen black truffle slivers that look like these. They were jet black all the way through. Even the cheapest truffles in Italy were only black on the outside and brown on the inside, like in this truffle risotto I made:
with truffles Z’s aunt brought back from Italy. So what on earth are they putting on top of my spaghetti?

The Meatball.

So all these entrees were like $12-$15 with a soup and salad. And the DAS lunch menu is $18 with precisely these, and a dessert like a tiramisu or a chocolate mousse or something. Judging by the food quality, I certainly wouldn’t top up another $5 for a dessert that was probably mass produced. There’s a PCC in the basement of this building and you can easily get a Paris Midnight slice for $4 or a pint of some really good Gelatiamo gelato for $8.


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