What to order at Panera Bread

This is what we get a Panera nearly every time we go:

1/2 French onion soup. Some places give more shredded gruyere than others. Even though the cheeses is not scorched it is pretty melty and the soup is pretty decent. I hear good things about the broccoli cheddar but I almost always only order this.

The Frontega chicken half sandwich. Always. I’ve deviated from this plenty of times but always circle back to this. I don’t really like their steak sandwiches cause their steak is a little tough.

Mocha frappe. It used to be that if you ordered a drink you could get a pastry for 99c, but now you need to get either a lunch entree and a drink or a dinner entree and a drink to qualify for the 99c pastry -.-

Ham and swiss souffle. This is only available during breakfast hours, which varies from store to store. In general if you’re there at 10:30am they should still have a pretty good selection of souffles. They also have spinach and bacon and four cheese. It’s like a quiche, but instead of being baked in a buttery quiche crust it’s baked in puff pastry and it is delicious.

Free chocolate chip muffin for my birthday. Their double chocolate muffin doesn’t look that great from the outside (because of all the oxidised chocolate chips) but it has a creamy fudgey center that you can’t see just by looking at it. The fudge is right below the rich chocolate ganache frosting. Definitely worth a try.


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