Birthday dinner at Six Seven, Edgewater Hotel

I was kinda tied up with exams for awhile but hope to be posting a little more frequently! Z brought me to Six Seven for my birthday and it has some pretty amazing seafood.

Dinner at Six Seven
One of the best views in all of Seattle – we were seated right next to the sound with a view of the sun slowly descending behind the hills.

Dinner at Six Seven
The dining room was beautiful too – I especially like the beaded curtains around the low table lights (you can’t see it in this photo). When the sun has set, they look like little showers of stars descending from a pipe to the table. A very antique/chic feel.

Dinner at Six Seven
This was my first time seeing a backlit menu! What a fantastic idea. It makes the menu a little clunky but feels so fancy.

Egg shaped salt and pepper shakers. I liked these, but still don’t understand why all these nice places don’t provide pepper mills instead of little pepper shaker.

Dinner at Six Seven
They served us some really warm, soft bread with wodges of butter sprinkled with some exotically brown salt. Not himalayan or lava salt, so I have no idea what it is but it was delicious on their bread. It wasn’t sourdough, more like an unbuttery brioche studded with cranberries or something.

We had the half portion of the miso glazed black cod, which I loved. You could tell even before eating it that it was going to be awesome because it flaked immediately upon depression of the fork. The charred parts are the best, but I loved the entire dish, from the bed of puree it was sitting on down to the choy sum to the crispy rice noodles. Stellar.

The grilled scallops are also very, very good. They’re pretty humongous (this is the half portion again) and are served on cauliflower puree with chives. The pictures are awful because of the red light from the heat lamps outside on the deck which makes white balancing a real pain in the a**. I have to come back here for lunch or something to redeem these pictures.

Dinner at Six Seven
They do the BEST crab cake I have ever had. If you go here, you have to try the crab cake. It is nothing like any crab cake I have ever seen, and it’s not even breaded or anything. The texture is like a marvelously firm tofu but is solid crab and prawn. I have no idea how it even holds together! A feat of gastronomy and engineering. It paired perfectly with the deep fried renkon chip and the broth it is plated in is extremely slurpable; we mopped up every last bit of it with the bread.

For dessert, we shared the rosemary scented panna cotta. Their desserts are all slightly creamy with some kind of herbal twist and we were torn between this and the lavender creme brulee. The panna cotta was creamy and firm, just the way I like it, and the rosemary pairing worked really well and was infused throughout the custard. I thought there was a smidge too much berry compote, but Z loved it and ate it all.

We also ordered the lobster mac and cheese and the grilled asparagus as sides but I thought they were more forgettable. We packed a box of those home because we couldn’t finish – here’s what the food should look like in good sunlight

This is one of the most perfect meals I have had in a long time! I highly recommend dining here, especially during sunset, which is not at an unreasonable time now with daylight savings. We had to come here at 5:30pm just to catch the sunset on my birthday. They have an amazing gift shop (the Edgewater gift shop) and I thought the valet parking was pretty reasonably priced at $5 or $6. I don’t think you can find much other parking around here.


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