Lunch at Spud, Green Lake

This is a chippy near our place that does all kinds of battered seafood with house made chips and it is extremely good.

Spud, Green Lake
We have only tried the cod, but they make their own tartar sauce which is nice and chunky.

Spud, Green Lake
They don’t use newspapers but their own printed wax paper to wrap your fish and chips

Spud, Green Lake
All golden fried and lightly battered, NOT breaded. Their cod is extremely tender and delicious, and the fries are half crispy, half soft (the way I like it). They’ve got malt vinegar and refillable soft drinks. They charge you 25c for the small tartar sauce and 50c for the large. We got the large one and couldn’t finish so will probably go back to use it up. Apart from cod, they do prawns, scallops, other types of fish like halibut, perhaps dory, tilapia, etc. It seems to be pretty popular for lunch with limited seating space so most people come here for takeaway. I thought it was a little pricey (I think our 2 pc fish set was maybe around $12, but oh so worth it.) I guess I should do a comparison with other fish and chip places in the area.


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