Lunch at Red Lobster, Lynnwood, WA

We came here for a celebratory meal after finals since our household supplies typically run out toward the end of the quarter and we have to make a walmart run right after submitting our last paper. I first ate at the Red Lobster in Horseheads, NY and was amazed at how good American chain restaurant food was. My taste buds have advanced significantly since my undergraduate days and I am no longer as enamored of Red Lobster, although I still have a soft spot for their amazing cheddar bay biscuits. They are, I maintain, the best accompaniment to any of the seafood in the restaurant – so soft, buttery, and cheesy. The Red Lobster restaurants in New York usually give you extra to take home in a reheatable bag, but they don’t seem to do that here.

Red Lobster, Lynnwood WA
I also really like their Caesar salad – they use a very umami filled dressing that is reminiscent of anchovies and not that sour. If you have a choice of garden or Caesar salad, always go for the Caesar salad.

Red Lobster, Lynnwood WA
This was part of the lobster fest menu (which expires April 8th if I’m not wrong) and we always ordered the lobster lovers dream – one maine lobster tail (steamed) and one rock lobster (broiled). You can taste and compare the sweetness of a cold water lobster and a warm water lobster, and it comes with a rather forgettable side of linguine with langoustine and shrimp in an alfredo sauce.

Red Lobster, Lynnwood WA
I wish they would let us substitute the pasta for something else.

Red Lobster, Lynnwood WA
The Maine lobster tail was incredibly tender and went perfectly with the drawn butter. It is already pretty briny (I think they steam it in salted water) so no additional salt is needed. In general I find most of the steamed seafood at Red Lobster pretty salty.

Red Lobster, Lynnwood WA
I also ordered the wood grilled shrimp taco special which featured some really smoky tasting shrimp in soft flour tortillas. They were delicious, but we had no space for it and doggie bagged it. It tasted amazing reheated in my toaster oven while we all got hungry playing cards late into the night.


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