Dinner at Ten Mercer, Queen Anne

This is the second last DAS restaurant we dined at in the Queen Anne area and it was the worst one.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
The best part of our dinner was Anthony’s medjool dates wrapped in pancetta – they were intensely sweet, almost like a japanese sweet potato, but also salty from the pancetta and perfect with the balsamic reduction. This was the only semi inventive dish, the rest were forgettable (or unforgettably bad, depending on how you want to look at it). I guess this is after all a bar. I have no idea how they managed to get 4 stars on Google Reviews.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
L’s arugula and grilled pear salad. I didn’t try this.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
My lobster bisque was alright, but a little too much cream and too little flavour.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
L’s osso buco in a brandy sauce was way too sweet and a little weird. When I think of osso buco I think of a slow braised hunk of meat falling off the bone, which this was not. And the sauce wasn’t deep nor did it have the “braised for hours” type of flavour.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
A had the seared tuna with udon. The udon was woefully overcooked, limp, and had lost any semblance of bite. The tuna tasted alright but wasn’t exactly mindblowing/sashimi grade type. The color was so pale it could have been injected.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
I had the Lobster risotto with really bizarre plating, an again we have these peas and carrots inside. Why? The risotto was dry, clumpy, and I could barely finish it even though they were quite generous with the lobster meat. The risotto sauce barely had any hint of lobster.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
We all had coffees with our desserts and they do a pretty good macchiato.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
The warm chocolate cake had a weird chewy/hard caramel drizzled over it and was too starchy and odd. No lava, not all that warm, not sure what the point of this was. But this was not the worst.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
The profiteroles win the prize for worst profiteroles I have ever eaten. I don’t understand – is this difficult to do? British supermarkets carry it in their dessert section for < 2 quid and all quite respectable. The choux pastry was disgusting – my failed choux pastry looks better than this and the cream/custard inside was off and they drizzled so little chocolate sauce on it. Somebody ought to show them how to make a proper profiterole.

At Ten Mercer in Queen Anne
A’s creme brulee was the only not horrible dessert I think, but I can still do a better one with Alton Brown’s exceedingly simple recipe. Stay away from this place! Don’t worry, after all these disappointing reviews I have some not too bad restaurants coming up from our spring break dining :D Haven’t been in much of a mood to post since I was busy working on a recipe book and, also, catching up on all the news about Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding prime minister who passed away a week ago. The whole nation (and its overseas constituents) was in mourning for the entire week. You would be too if you had a political leader who managed to transform the landscape of a tiny fishing town into a metropolis in a mere 40 years.


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