Dinner at Sushi Tengu, Northgate

We came here for a quick dinner just before heading up to the Landmark Crest Cinema to catch the hobbit. They do a pretty quick dinner service, with lots of interesting things on the kaiten that we snatched off, way more plates than we thought we would.

Tengu Sushi
L said the scallop nigiri was really fresh and “crunchy”, which is how he feels sashimi should taste when it’s very fresh.

Tengu Sushi
The same can’t be said of the kani nigiri – which used frozen snow crab. I think in general if the sushi is going to be cooked people feel less of a need to source for fresh ingredients. Disappointed with this one.

Tengu Sushi
We saw the sushi chefs prepare the tenzo special roll in front of us on the other side of the kaiten, rolling up some crab meat salad and avocado slices into the rice, placing some tuna and green onion mixture on top (kind of like a tuna tartare), and then torching it. It was really good, but a little fishy due to the tuna, which I think is only semi cooked.

Tengu Sushi
I liked the potato croquette but it tasted a little plain (needs more kewpie and other seasonings). It came on such a cute plate with green dots around the rim though.

Tengu Sushi
The mini udon with assorted tempura was really silky. I think they should serve the tempura separately from the udon, most of it got soggy immediately and became sorta gross. It would also be improved if served with some tentsuyu. But I really liked the udon – which had a little less bite than the one at U:don but still had an amazing texture.

Tengu Sushi
The yaki gyoza were pretty good, although we suspect frozen. Still really nice with the gyoza dipping sauce.

Tengu Sushi
The salmon nigiri not bad, according to L. They also had different kinds of salmon,

Tengu Sushi
like this sockeye salmon nigiri which had a very different texture and flavour, leaner than typical salmon (as you can tell by the lack of fat)

Tengu Sushi
The tamago sushi was well done, quite sweet and came in a pretty generous serving. I couldn’t finish more than two because the serving was so generous.

This is a pretty decent place to come in for a quick bite! While nothing was really -mindblowing- I would say there were more hits than misses and if I were craving Japanese food I would definitely consider this spot. The sushi was also pretty inexpensive.


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