Lunch at Bai Pai, Ravenna

We came here for lunch on a lazy saturday afternoon toward the end of spring break just before going antique store shopping for a nice vintage pie server for me. This is on 65th and 24th, and there are quite a few antique shops on 65th that are worth checking out (about three), hence our dining here. The owner was a friendly little man who gave us some recommendations for the most popular items on their lunch menu.

Bai Pai
We started with a house salad with enoki and crispy keropok strips. It had a nice tangy dressing but some really sad “cooking” tomatoes.

Bai Pai
L got the Thai iced tea, which he really enjoyed. I don’t fancy the sweetener used in Thai iced tea, which is the same sweetener used to make grass jelly in Singapore, which I really don’t like.

Bai Pai
We ordered a cup of the tom yum soup with chicken just to see their tom yum soup game and they passed! It wasn’t spicy enough for me though (I ordered a 2 star), should have gone with a 4 star. ($6) They also used white mushrooms, and I feel tom yum soup goes much better with canned straw mushrooms (at least that’s how it’s done in Asia).

Bai Pai
I ordered the curry fried rice with prawns in a tamarind sauce lunch set ($9.50) – both components were admirably done. The prawns were frozen of course but tasted bouncy and succulent.

Bai Pai
The tamarind sauce coating it was also sweet and spicy and all around very flavorful. It could be spicier though.

Bai Pai
The pad thai had wok hei but was on the whole pretty forgettable. It didn’t really come with any meat, just a few pieces of tofu, and wasn’t served with lime or peanuts.

Bai Pai
The Chicken satay that came with the pad thai set was pretty well marinated all the way through though, and also surprisingly tender for chicken breast. This place does Thai satay really well, but I still prefer my Indonesian/Malay satay which uses thigh meat and has more lemongrass in the marinade and is also more charred.


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