Lunch at the Georgian (Dine around Seattle)

This was the only really great DAS restaurant we went to that had great service, great food, great ambience. The only slightly foreboding thing is the fact that when you make a reservation with Open Table, there is warning from the restaurant saying that you owe them money if you don’t give them 24 hrs notice for cancelling your reservation. And it’s something like $25 per pax for lunch and $50 per pax for dinner. Other than that it was a really nice

The Georgian
Their bread plate (as highly gushed about on Yelp) is pretty amazing – cheese crisps, some kind of sundried tomato brioche, chips and a huge bowl of really good tapenade.

The Georgian
I had the clam chowder, which is pretty good but no better than the pike place chowder house.

The Georgian
R’s salad had a really dramatic presentation – a huge veil of cheese covering the watercress leaves (oh yeah, a gripe with the menu – why is the watercress listed as H2O cress? You are not a chemistry lab) and a little truffle beignet skewered in the middle.

The Georgian
Lifting the veil of cheese, you can see the watercress leaves below. The dressing was sorta potato-ey and tangy, but we had problems placing what exactly it was. It was really delicious though.

The Georgian
The French onion soup was pretty good, with a nice thick layer of gruyere melted on top. It was a little sweeter than typical onion soups.

The Georgian
The croque Madame with prosciutto and a sunny side up was really good, they used brioche as a base and the egg was perfectly fried. The prosciutto was mixed pretty evenly with the cheese, but I feel like this would be better if served with some salad greens.

The Georgian
I had the butter chicken with naan, basmati rice, and tempura green beans. The tempura green beans were AMAZING. The butter chicken didn’t come in a typical butter chicken sauce though – it was more of a dry rub on a chicken breast. The marinade went all the way through the chicken breast and it was really tender (more so than the typical kind of butter chicken slow cooked in sauce)

The Georgian
L’s passionfruit granita. I didn’t try this.

The Georgian
It came with a little lemon poppyseed cake with a pipette of raspberry coulis for you to inject into the cake.

The Georgian
I had the salted caramel chocolate tart – not bad, but the shortcrust pastry was a little tough. The waiter came over, looked at me struggling with it, and told me “you need a knife”. I was all “no, I’m ok” but he gave me a look and repeated “You need a knife”. Things got even messier with the knife, but the tart was worth it.

One of the best things here is their fresh squeezed lemonade – we had one with strawberry and basil and it was amazing! When we came for lunch we also saw a lot of people with these itty bitty tiered tea trays filled with pastries and scones that looked so cute and tea-time-y, I think they do serve tea/brunch so one should look into that while making their reservation (they ask you to specify which meal you’re dining for).

I wish I had made a reservation far in advance for their dinner menu, but I only remembered to check it out on the last sunday of March and it was too late to make reservations for the last two days of March. Next time then. The dinner menu sounded similarly amazing.


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