Dinner at Jade Garden, International District

We tried out the dim sum here on a Friday evening (hence they had limited options) on A’s recommendation. A is an international student from Hong Kong in our department who is hence regarded as the authority on dim sum, which is an iconic part of cantonese cuisine. (Of course, not all dumplings are equal, and different dumplings have different roots, but most dim sum places around the world feature cantonese dumplings prepared by cantonese chefs).

The lemon chicken was a poor showing – the lemon sauce was too one-dimensional (mainly sour/sweet/sickly) and the batter was completely unflavored! It was shatteringly crispy (makes a good picture), but not salty or spiced at all. Weird.

We tried the “xian zhu juan”, or beancurd skin roll. It was stuffed with pork and shrimp, then braised in this unidentifiable brown sauce that was quite flavorful and seafoody. I liked it, but the beancurd skin could be more delicate. I sense that they don’t have a huge variety of beancurd skin to choose from in the market here, unlike in Singapore where you can get different thicknesses and levels of charring.

The siew mai were huge, meat stuffed dumplings covered in fake fish roe. I think they were too large and hearty, and also the texture lacked a certain bounce that accompanies typical siew mai, whose shrimp are soaked in a baking soda solution to make them bouncier.

I liked this the best – fried rice with egg white and conpoy (dried scallops). It had a whole lot of wok hei was really well executed. Perhaps we just didn’t know what to order on their dinner menu. They seem to have pretty large live lobster and crab, I am pretty interested in trying those!

Note: Posts will be slightly intermittent from now on, due to the wedding planning we have to do (in my free time at school) while handling our regular homework load.


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