Dinner take out from Stanford Bar and Grill, Northgate

We only found out that they had a groupon deal after eating at this place, so didn’t make a reservation before going. They were fully booked! On a weekday night! We had to sit at the bar, and then we were ejected from the restaurant because I didn’t have ID that they’d accept. -.- Anyway I didn’t want to eat there THAT much to bring an ID. We ended up getting take out cause we didn’t want to be too late for our movie at the Crest.

Stanford Bar and Grill
L ordered the Baja shrimp tacos, which were quite nice, lots of guac, but way too little shrimp. They also double wrap their tacos (seems to be a trend here?) which we don’t quite get, so we un-double wrapped it and kept the tortilla skins for a second round of tacos for dinner the next night, when I fried up some ground beef with taco seasoning. I probably wouldn’t order this again, in favor of something less carby and with more meat/skill needed for preparation.

Stanford Bar and Grill
I got the crab cakes with remoulade (It’s a starter), which were really awesome! Definitely would get this again. I actually liked that they put corn in this – obviously it’s not meant to be the fine-dining sorta crabcake that you get at Six Seven, but the lovely deep fried, creamy, crabby type with chunks of celery, onion, and corn, and none the worse for it.


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