Lunch at Bamboo Village, Wallingford

We came here for dimsum first with some math folks on a Sunday afternoon (when they push those little carts around), but the dimsum menu is actually available all week long, just without the carts on weekdays. We’d always thought this restaurant looked a little bit shady with “egg drop soup” and stuff like that that is totally not Chinese. They also have a cute banner outside that says “LUNCH SET. Come with steam rice and egg roll” which is ambiguous about whether their lunch sets COME with steamed rice and an egg roll or if you are to go to the restaurant armed with your “steam rice” and egg roll. The lunch sets seem pretty affordable and also generously portioned (we peeked at other people’s orders). Us, we were there for the dim sum. I actually found it more difficult to order with the carts on weekends because they only put popular dimsum on the carts and the kind of dimsum that I like (yam dumplings and deep fried beancurd skin rolls) had to be “specially ordered”, and “specially ordered” there is slang for “tell the waitress what you want and it shall be promptly forgotten”. That doesn’t happen on weekdays where you have a proper menu and everything and can write down the numbers of the dishes that you want. I also feel like the dimsum on weekdays are hence more freshly prepared, instead of circulating the room on a cart until someone picks it up.

We had the Zha leong, which is a deep fried chinese cruller wrapped in chee cheong fun pastry. Their regular cheong funs with shrimp or charsiew are much nicer. This was kind of large and the you tiao inside was pretty greasy. They also served it with a slightly fermented bean paste sauce, but we requested for the regular soy based cheong fun sauce.

The taro dumplings are lovely, crispy nests of smooth mashed taro with savoury pork filling inside. This is one of my favourite dimsums but lesser known here. They’re a little bit greasy too, as is almost everything deep fried here which ought to be drained on paper towels.

Their baked charsiew buns, which has a more yeasty chinese bakery pastry instead of mantou pastry. They have regular steamed charsiew baos too, but this is glazed with a sticky honey mixture that’s pretty nice.

We really liked their siew mai! Over the one in Jade Garden actually. It was well seasoned, bouncy, and had large chunks of shrimp inside. It was pretty popular at the math lunch with other americans.

Another favourite of mine – fried beancurd skin rolls filled with pork, turnip, shiitake, and shrimp (I think). They were huge and crisp and piping hot inside. You can probably ask the waitress to snip it up for you with their huge kitchen shears since it’s the size of a spring roll.

The dimsum here is pretty decent and I’d definitely come back seeing it’s so near my place and you can get ice cream from Fainting Goat after :P There’s a groupon for fainting goat ice cream now! $11 for $18, so you can pay as little as $13 for 2 pints of Fainting Goat gelato, which is super creamy and soft and amazing.

They also have restaurant parking! So that’s one less thing to worry about when dining here.


2 thoughts on “Lunch at Bamboo Village, Wallingford

  1. Thank you for the descriptions, for those of us who don’t really know what dim sum is! It’s great that you included parking info and nearby neighborhood features such as Fainting Goat, that also helps me mentally pinpoint the location.

  2. This restaurant looks fantastic. Going to try it this week! Thanks so much for your great reviews and recipes. I love your blog.

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