Dinner at Purple Dot Cafe, International District

We came here for dinner one night before doing groceries at Uwajimaya. It was rainy and cold and we were too lazy to walk far from Uwajimaya village so we just popped into this place. I’d say the food was decent but you’d need to know what to order. I went to Yelp for some ideas and someone recommended the beef hor fun in egg gravy but I didn’t like it at all!

We got the Cajun wings, aka salt and pepper chicken. This is amazing, one of the best fried chicken I’ve had in Seattle so far, and better than all the korean fried places I’ve tried. They also salt and pepper tofu and maybe salt and pepper calamari but it went perfectly with this.

Close up of the wings. They were really juicy and crisp and even heated nicely in the toaster the next day. It’s a pretty large plate and kinda difficult to finish.

The beef hor fun in egg sauce. They have a dry one too that might be nicer. I thought the egg gravy was really 1-dimensional and unnecessarily salty. It was a really humongous plate! More like a trough, really, which is kind of off-putting to me. I wouldn’t order it again!

The XO fried seafood was very good though, lots of wok hei and some really nice XO sauce. It’s a little greasy but totally worth it. There are no scallops, just some small prawns, sliced fish balls, cuttlefish, and fish slices with snap peas, celery and onions. XO seafood is best with scallops! And you DO get scallops if you order their hotplate seafood option, so I don’t know why they don’t put it in this one when the price is the same.

The HK milk tea was thick, powerful, and a little less sweet than usual. I liked it!


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