Pictures from Easter dinner

This is an account of our easter dinner this year… for two :P

I made green bean casserole according to C’s recipe. It calls for Worcestershire sauce (which no college student has… unless maybe you’re British) so we substituted some oyster sauce (same color and consistency and everything :P I do NOT recommend this substitution in general) and it became really salty, but still quite nice :)

The glazed ham from QFC that was only $1.88/lb! I took a photo and showed it to my mum. Hormel provides a convenient little glaze sachet for you to mix with water and spoon over the ham yourself during the high heat stage. It’s spiral cut, and I found the slices really quite thick (and unsuitable for ham and cheese sandwiches after). Most of it was diced into omelettes and I still have a huge hunk of it in my fridge :(

Deviled eggs – my favourite part of the easter meal. Best with some paprika and snipped chives on top.

Overview of everything on the table. My second favourite part of Easter dinner is Kings Hawaiian rolls toasted in the still warm oven and then smeared with butter. So good! Especially when the butter melts. Always use salted butter. It’s also soft and sticky and slightly sweet, just like the bread we get in Singaporean bakeries and makes me think of home.

My least favourite part of Easter dinner (when I used to eat it with my churchmates back in Ithaca) would be jello salad. Sometimes they call it fruit salad. I thought (and still think) mixing fruit wantonly with jello and mayonnaise and miracle whip is kind of disgusting. Maybe not if you’ve eaten it all your life. But it just reeks of one of those depression era recipes released either by Kraft or Jello just to make you buy more of their product to make a quick, fuss-free meal that one -just- might get used to eating.


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