Dinner at Mkt., Tangletown

We came here for a quick bite since Z’s aunt sent us a $200 gift card to the Ethan Stowell Restaurants and we wanted to take pictures of the food to show her. This is the ESR closest to us (a 10 minute drive?) and is a kind of tiny space, but with a really good view of the chef’s process. I like sitting up by the bar watching them do their thing. They’re incredibly skillful and professional, I highly recommend the experience for any aspiring cook.

We ordered the macrina baguette

with tapenade and herbed butter – both were really good but I preferred the tapenade a little more.

Their cute herbed butter disks comes in a tube like polenta and they just slice it off in petals of five onto little dishes for when anyone orders the baguette.

We got the spiced duck confit, which was slightly different from a regular duck confit (in terms of the curing) but really tender and buttery. We saw the duck legs come in a huge metal tray, completely covered in duck fat. The chef would then scrabble around in the duck fat foraging for a good number of duck legs to get by for the rest of the night and set them aside. We try not to think about the humongous amount of fat in that tray.

The server recommended the grilled green beans with lemon and sea salt, and I saw them come out from the grill in these little glass cups and thought I definitely need some of that. ESR are really good at grilled vegetables. They have a really hot wood fired grill that makes everything that comes off it taste amazing, especially drizzled with their house olive oil. This is what all green beans aspire to.

We also ordered seared scallops with baked salsify chips, which added a nice crunch and also a slightly piquant, licorice-y taste. The scallops were perfect, the cauliflower puree (I think? or it could be parsnip) was perfect, I could have had two plates of this to myself. We shared, of course.

The female chef searing these was REALLY skillful at making sure the meats that she grills/sears are done perfectly. We watched her throw a batch of slightly over-charred asparagus spears away forlornly. She tests all the meat that comes off her pans with her palm for both temperature and texture, and she handled so many saute pans on the stove at the same time, I wish I could be her apprentice.

Of course I got my chocolate terrine with candied macadamias and salted caramel sauce, which was amazing as usual. Best dessert I’ve had in Seattle so far. The french press coffee here is not bad either!


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