Dinner at Zhu Dang, Capitol Hill

We decided to try this chinese fusion place because of seattle restaurant week, and there were some hits and misses. I would still recommend this as a good place to dine, but not for super authentic chinese food, just well done chinese-y food.

The pan-fried turnip cake was the most disappointing dish of the day – it was really solid and tough, and not tender like typical turnip/radish cake found in Hong Kong or Singapore. The flour to water ratio is totally off. I would not recommend this!

We had the diver scallop chips, also known as keropok in the part of the world that invented this. It doesn’t have the same texture as scallop, but does have a really strong scallop taste due to the scallop being mashed up into the paste/chip that is then deep fried. Great with thai sweet chilli sauce, which they do not have. Not sure if it’s worth the $4 since this is typically served as an appetizer in most Indonesian restaurants, but prawn flavoured instead of scallop flavoured and is more flour than scallop.

Their Sheng Jian Bao are not bad, but not true “sheng jian bao” in the original sense of the word. For pretty legit sheng jian bao, I would go to Doughzone Dumpling House where they pan sear proper bao, with the fluffy pastry skin and all. This was more like xiao long baos that have been pan fried. Good, but not quite what “sheng jian bao” means.

The San Bei Ji was really fragrant and really good! Try to finish it though because it doesn’t reheat well. The sauce was full of all the right spices and was sweet and sticky.

Our favourite dish of the night was the five types of mushrooms braised in a clay pot – the braising sauce is heavy on the ginger and tastes amazing over the steamed white rice they serve it with.

We had a pretty innovative chinese fusion dessert – Pu Erh Creme Brulee. The tea taste was strong but not distinctly pu erh, still it was a great creme brulee! It’s a pretty good idea to try to incorporate fragrant chinese teas into western desserts.

We ordered a sunrise soda since it sounded pretty interesting – guava and… passionfruit? juice. Not bad, but definitely not as fresh tasting as the fresh squeezed lemonade at the Georgian.


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