Dinner at Frank’s Oyster House, Ravenna

I guess it is quite unnecessary to say that I have a huge backlog of photos to share here :P
Been so busy with the wedding stuff and now preparing for prelims, all my blogs have been quite dead. So here are some photos from the beginning of summer, way back when it was still Seattle Restaurant Week :P The rest of the photos will be up at some point!

Frank's Oyster House
Mini lobster rolls. I liked them, they were quite lobstery without too much celery/other filler vegetables but they seemed rather stingy on the filling to bread ratio! The bun was a nice brioche type bun though.

Frank's Oyster House
Poutine. The best poutine I have ever had (so far). Incredibly salty/full of umami with melted cheese and a rosemary gravy. It was also a very posh poutine :P I haven’t really tried those in canada (I have photos for Vancouver restaurants in the backlog too :S)

Frank's Oyster House
Seared tri tip steak. This was pretty decent but a little gamey. Prefer the beef at Ethan Stowell restaurants.

Frank's Oyster House
Cross section of the steak

Frank's Oyster House
Oysters on the half shell – Z ate these, no idea what they’re like but considering the restaurant is called Frank’s Oyster House I imagine they are quite good.

Frank's Oyster House
Nettle soup with lemon foam. I was feeling adventurous and I kind of regret it. I do NOT like nettle soup, or nettles in any form. The nice french fried onions on top was nice though :P

Frank's Oyster House
And their chocolate whiskey cake – very dense (in a good way) and delicious. The whipped cream on top was very fresh and the ganache was quite slick.


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