Dinner at Bongos, Green Lake

We came here after looking around Phinney Ave for something Seattle-y to gift to our friends in Vancouver. Couldn’t find a thing! Also, everything there closes by 7pm or something, so almost everything was closed. Our best bet was to go to the metropolitan market at Sand Point, where we found the cutest Glass “tupperware” (the little half quart or so sized ones you can also find in Crate and Barrel) with a pretty tight sealing lid, and there were these Seattle icons printed all over the sides in black. We went back to Phinney Ave the next day to pick up chocolate and green tea sables from Fresh Flours to give to C and S.

So this place is pretty much like Paseo, and also has really high ratings on google maps. Not sure about its Yelp ratings. I like Paseo’s sandwiches better though.

We got the
Chilli shrimp over rice – I thought the chilli sauce was very one-dimensional. Pretty spicy and sour. Z and I usually go halfsies but this time I ate like 5/6 of the sandwich and he had to finish most of this shrimp over rice. The shrimp itself seems to be boiled separately before the sauce is slathered on, so it doesn’t have much flavour on its own. It’s purportedly served with some mango coleslaw but there wasn’t much mango taste to it. Probably something to do with the quality of tropical/caribbean-y produce you can get here.

Their carribean pork sandwich was pretty good, and pretty spicy – they use two types of peppers, banana peppers and jalapenos. It’s pretty juicy but the bun, which had a better bread to filling ratio than Paseo’s on account of it being smaller, was a little too floury and I didn’t like the floury taste. There was also a pretty long queue (nothing to rival Paseo’s) so this is a good place if you need a drippy Caribbean sandwich fix. They’ve also got the cutest “beach front” al fresco seating area complete with sand and beach tables and everything, great to bring kids to.


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