Dinner at the 5 Spot, Queen Anne

We came here because we heard they were having hawaiian themed food for these few months and thought it might be interesting. They really put a lot of effort into decorating the place very thematically, with tiki torches and random hawaiian type wreaths and pictures all over the place. The food though, was not very good.

The 5 Spot
We had the soba noodle salad as a side – this was probably the worst dish. I didn’t understand the dressing, which tasted sorta chemical, like someone accidentally emptied some detergent into it. It wasn’t salty, or sweet, or sour, just weird. Z had to eat most of this.

The 5 Spot
The chocolate milkshake was alright, and it’s the sort of place that will give you the metal tin of remaining milkshake that didn’t fit into your glass.

The 5 Spot
They had some Kalua pork sliders, which were more wonton skin than pork, and whatever pork filling it had, I couldn’t tell that it was Kalua pork. Tasted okay when liberally doused in sweet chili sauce though.

The 5 Spot
The buttermilk fried chicken was alright, not very tender but also not really tough. I thought the breading was pretty tasteless actually and they are pretty stingy with the gravy (as you can probably tell from the photo).

All in all, I wouldn’t come back. They were participating in Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood week, but I really didn’t see that much seafood on the menu.


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