Giddy Up Burger

This is a great burger place on Leary way. We always drive past its rotating sign while going home from Ballard but never went in. Their burgers are amazing though, everyone should try them. Perfectly grilled and with great condiments and sides and extremely crisp pickles. I think they call themselves Giddy Up Burger and Salad but the salad bar is MUCH smaller than the bar bar where they have a humongous array of beers and ales and indian pale ales on tap.

Burgers at Giddy Up Burgers
I got the OMG burger – caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and gruyere. Such a great combination. The cheese is so melty and everytime I look at this photo I get hungry. Great wok hei for the onions and mushrooms. They also do a rodeo type burger with onion straws and barbeque sauce.

Burgers at Giddy Up Burgers
We got the Haystack onions with their house made chipotle mayonnaise which was a little too thick for dipping fries in. About the consistency of a dairy queen soft serve? Sure it’s fresh and homemade and probably healthier but I am perfectly happy with non-homemade, slightly less viscous chipotle mayonnaise that their super delicate and delicious onion straws will not get stuck in and break off.

Burgers at Giddy Up Burgers
Z got the cod sandwich, which more like a cod cake sandwich. Very nice, a much better fish sandwich than the halibut sandwich we shared at Lucky Wishbone because they mince up the meat and throw in some veggies and other things, so it’s tender and flavorful. The burgers are much juicier so if you came here I’d recommend beef burgers for everybody. We just ordered this out of curiosity.

Burgers at Giddy Up Burgers
We also got a root beer float, which they served with soft serve ice cream and no ice I think. Would have been better with ice, but we still liked it very much.


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