Serious Pie and Biscuit (Westlake)

Didn’t bring the camera so the pictures here will be a little weird because the white balance on Z’s Nokia Lumia 1020 is rather strange for restaurant lighting. We popped over here for a quick dinner after some shopping at West Elm :P, which is next to Denny Park so pretty near here. I think the main outlet for this is at Pike Place, but I like this one because it’s more low key and has less people.

We got the Arugula and prosciutto pizza which was thin crust, a little like a flat bread, and very, very good. They use extremely fresh ingredients and were really generous with the arugula and used real parmesan! I can’t stand the fake stuff.

Here is where we first found out about Fever tree ginger beer and have been buying boxes and boxes of the stuff from QFC and the Metropolitan Market. Their ginger ale and bitter lemon is also really good.

We also got the Wood oven baked clams, which I felt had a weird gamey taste, almost like the clams steamed with lamb bacon at the Walrus and the Carpenter. Also a little over done, which can of course happen if they are oven-baked instead of steamed.

The chocolate terrine with sea salt and biscotti was very good, a thick and luscious mousse with a nice saltiness to cut through its overall richness. One of the more innovative desserts which is especially impressive because of its simplicity. I’m very interested in trying its biscuits and gravy, but they only serve that during lunch.


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