Dinner at Shilla restaurant (with groupon)

Budaejigae, or army stew, served at Shilla restaurant on the hob in the middle of each table. Salty, spicy, sour, and very hearty, especially on a cold day, and is full of comfort food like spam and instant noodles. This was one of the restaurants featured by Groupon in their spring line-up of restaurant groupons, and as I had frequently walked past it while shopping at West Elm, we finally decided to give it a go. It’s average as far as korean food goes, and not really worth the trip out.

The banchan first:
1) Kimchi

2) Another kind of pickled cabbage without the gochujang

3) Fish cakes with peppers and onions

4) Zucchini in sesame oil

5) A weird and not very nice coleslaw

6) Blanched and dressed beansprouts

7) Radish cubes

Our shio grilled salmon was not very warm and also overcooked. It was served on a cast iron hot plate which was not hot at all, and felt a little like it was leftover from lunch. The salmon which is salt grilled also wasn’t salty enough.

I ordered the steamed egg in beef broth, and this was delicious and formed a nice golden crust against the hot bowl it was served in. Most of the other customers here ordered meats to go on the BBQ that they would then grill themselves in the middle of the table, and those did look rather appealing. We might come back to try that, just that their reviews on yelp for such hibachi style dining gave the general consensus that they were stingy with their meat and vegetables, which was why I opted for the budae jigae. There was so much of it we of course took home a portion of the broth and had it for lunch the next day.


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