Breakfast at the Crumpet Shop

Quite behind on my work today so here’s a quick one on the Crumpet shop. Crumpets seem to be pretty similar to English muffins but perhaps a little bit lighter/spongier? They don’t have a whole lot of flavour so they need to be generously slathered with butter before being toasted, which thankfully this shop does.

The Crumpet Shop
I got the Green eggs, aged English cheddar, and tomato crumpet. NB: Green eggs are simply eggs with pesto scrambled in, I had to ask :P In case it was some vegetable “egg substitute” which I cannot abide. This was delicious. I feel like the crumpets should be sliced in half though, it was a little too bready for my taste and the carb to delicious topping ratio was a bit off.

The Crumpet Shop
Smoked salmon blended cream cheese (the salmon is blended right INTO the cream cheese) with English cucumber slices. This was also pretty amazing, the smoked salmon blended cream cheese was almost like a pate, it was so smooth and the flavour was so homogenous. Went well with the crisp slices of cucumber. I wish they had more meat options on their crumpets, especially meats that don’t really need to be prepared like cold cuts. They fry the eggs on the spot and toast the crumpets as your order them, so there isn’t really much space at the prep station for preparing a hot meat topping.

The Crumpet Shop
The Crumpet Shop signage, which we saw from the bar where we were sitting. Seating seems to be pretty limited, but we came at around 10:30am or so and the turnover for the crowd is pretty fast. They also open early and close early (like 3pm?), so if you are craving a crumpet they are only available in the morning :P


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