Brunch at Joule

We came here for brunch right after we returned to Seattle to try their Taiwanese cuisine inspired brunch menu. So how brunch at Joule works is they have a salad/snack buffet where you can take unlimited servings of different nibbles inspired by a different region every month, and then you have your entree menu where you can also order something more substantial.

Brunch at Joule
I got the Maitake and assorted mushroom omelet with truffle oil which was delicious. I love how dramatic the radish slices look against the omelet, and the mushroom mix in the omelet was really unique. Don’t remember what the salsa verde was but it went quite nicely. Perhaps cilantro?

Brunch at Joule
Z got the country fried steak with black sesame waffle – at first we thought it was country fried chicken (as would go with a waffle), but they served beef instead, which was quite a bit tougher but also quite interesting with a lot of cilantro garnishing it and what seems to be a glob of mascarpone cream on top. The waffle was rather fluffy despite their introducing black sesame in it and it was all really quite nice, if a bit filling. This is better shared, I think.

On to the snack bar:
Brunch at Joule
Since the highlight of July was Taiwanese cuisine, we had all sorts of taiwanese inspired snacks at the bar, such as pickled chilli and soy bean with some house made crackers, which also had some herbs in it which I don’t remember. The crackers were very buttery though and went nicely with the oily pickled soybean spread.

Brunch at Joule
Red bean beigli and a honey cake with lychee glaze. These were really delightful little touches, especially the lychee glaze. The honey cake was very tender but the red bean beigli was a little starchy for me with not enough red been filling.

Brunch at Joule
Noodle salad with chinese cruller. I probably took more cruller than my fair share :P It was a pretty interesting idea to throw cruller into a salad instead of croutons, and one that works.

Brunch at Joule
More from the salad bar

I loved the concept. Of course, with our drink, I think brunch came up to $40-$50, so it may not be quite that affordable as a regular affair. You can opt out of the salad bar though, I think, especially if the cuisine of the month (which you can check online) does not appeal to you.


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