Dinner at Tanaka-san, Belltown

I’m finally starting this place up again after prelims! Since restaurant week just passed I have lots of food photos to share, but first I’ll tackle this backlog of posts.

We decided to try tanaka-san after driving past it one day since one of our friends lived pretty near here. It had some really nice decor from the outside (the interior is essentially one long market with a few vendors and the main restaurant is Tanaka-san). It serves fusion-y food that is really nicely executed.

We had the glazed and broiled rice cakes with mentaiko mayo, one of the best rice cakes I’ve had in Seattle. Another one I kind of liked was the one at Boom, which has since closed. These are pretty awesome with a similar soy sauce glaze that you find on rice crackers.

The Korean style twice fried chicken wings didn’t really suit me. The point of twice frying (for me) is so you render all the fat in the first round and really crisp it up in the second. The drummettes they used were the frozen sort with a thick layer of fat under the skin that had not completely rendered, and I don’t like the taste of huge wodges of chicken fat. So this was a miss for me. The seasonings were nice but I’d definitely recommend the salted caramel glaze over the chili powder one.

Salted caramel wings – not much taste of caramel, but the glaze is sweet and salty.

Coconut beef over rice (rendang) – This was pretty good, the beef was extremely tender and the spices were just right. Not sure the kale and sprouts go but I guess one needs some veggies. It would be even more awesome if the rice were cooked in coconut milk :P

Broiled mackerel with peanuts – I thought the dressing on this dish was too sour, although the mackerel skin was crisped quite nicely and the flesh was tender.

Vietnamese coffee cake – one of my favourite things here. It’s a many layered chocolate sponge with coffee ganache inbetween served on a bed of whipped cream (which is quite oddly grainy in a photo) and a smattering of cute little cubes of coffee pudding. Loved it!

Everything on the menu sounds really good and we’ll certainly be back to try their ramen next and perhaps some of the bento sets.


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