Dinner at Henry’s Taiwanese Kitchen, UDistrict

After flying back here via eva air I was craving some of the taiwanese food we had while stopping over in Taoyuan, particularly the minced pork over rice served with salted veggies and a braised egg. So good. This is one of the two taiwanese restaurants near me somewhere down The Ave.

We got a firetruck lunch box, and were given the option to upgrade it to a Super Firetruck lunchbox (I translated the title myself, so I’m not sure what real taiwanese people would call it in English, but that’s what it reads to me in mandarin) which meant that they would give us two strips of spiced pork in addition to the rice box, kinda like the pork chop at DTF. I was a little apprehensive about it but it turned out to be very good! Almost as good as DTF’s, although the cut is a bit thinner. The five spice seasoning was perfect and the parts where the fat caramelized to a crisp was really really good.

This is the lunch box – literally a mess tin filled with assorted preserved vegetables, bokchoy, a braised egg, and shredded pork belly. I liked everything although I think I’d prefer more rice to dishes, especially since the braised meat and vegetables were really salty. The braised egg was really nice, although you had to peel it yourself.

I also ordered a salted radish omelette since we weren’t that hungry and were only getting one lunchbox (which is plenty for two hungry people if you ask me). The radish wasn’t diced as fine as I would like so this ended up being really salty as well :S It’s pretty easy to make if you have a wok so I fried it up myself at home the next day to get a proper omelet. If you are using preserved vegetables in an omelet doesn’t it just make good sense to mince the vegetables? This is known as a chye poh omelet in Singapore and is quite popular at the economy rice stalls. Singaporeans can be quite picky about things being too salty, so some people even rinse their salted radish before dicing it, making the omelet more sweet than salty.


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