Dinner at Satay, Wallingford

We came here hoping for some authentic malaysian satay but were kinda disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the satay is not bad, but it’s served with regular steamed jasmine rice instead of the coconut rice promised, and the peanut dipping sauce is not quite right either/not spicy enough. It’s usually mixed with some chili and pineapple puree in Singapore and presumably in Malaysia.

Chicken satay with “coconut” rice and peanut sauce. Typical vegetables that are served with satay in south east asia include chopped up red onion, cucumber, and ketupat. Not this bizarre slaw which wasn’t even dressed. I guess the most disappointing part was that the satay was not grilled over a charcoal fire, which any self respecting satay vendor (even the worst ones) would have in SEA. The spices were pretty good though, and at least they didn’t use breast meat, unlike thai chicken satay.

The mee goreng was even more lacklustre, it was totally greasy and too salty even though it had some wok hei. They didn’t use a bit of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), and I’m not really sure what is going on here. Skip this.

We also got a curry puff, which was alright I guess! The curry paste inside was more sweet than salty, but I liked it.

We cleaned our plates, which apparently is code for “we enjoyed everything”, and I didn’t bother correcting the server/owner when he said as much. It’s not every day someone who has actually been to Malaysia walks into his restaurant I guess. And I think these dishes would be quite acceptable to the local palate.


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