Lunch at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar (Seattle)

We met A here for lunch right before leaving Seattle; I’d always wanted to try the lobster roll at this place, and was not disappointed. The Seattle location has the nicest glass concept design, which was really nice in the summer when the canopies of the trees outside shroud the restaurant in emerald and you feel all lazy and summery and warm.

They also have this entire wall of wall sconces with tealights in them. Love the high ceiling!

My lobster roll was served with a lovely soft boiled egg on top, which I’ve never seen on a lobster roll before. The lobster salad itself had a little too much celery but that gave it a nice crunch I suppose. Lots of lobster and fresh cracked pepper, although I think the roll itself could have been softer and more brioche like.

Z had the crab cakes with all kinds of potatoes and salsa verde and I liked his dish even better than mine, pickled onions and all. Lots of Seattle restaurants seem to have this thing about pickled red onions. I’ve had it at the Walrus and the Carpenter, most of the Ethan Stowell Restaurants, and here as well. It grows on you.

A’s BLT – it was our first time meeting him after he had his braces put in, so he took forever to eat :P It’s better now ha but he’s still slightly slower than us, so we have to be sure to pace ourselves so he’ll have enough :P He said this was good, but in retrospect a bit too chewy for someone who just got braces.

The tomato soup was thick and filled with umami. We also ordered a mushroom soup with these desiccated chanterelles on top; it was so smooth it was more like a veloute – very nice!

Brie en croute with really sweet grapes. They kind of charred the phyllo wrapper of the brie en croute, so points off for that. Maybe the head chef hadn’t arrived yet? The subsequent bries I saw coming out of the kitchen were more golden brown than this black mess. Should have sent it back but we ate it all anyway :P That’s a consequence of being halfway between student-hood and adulthood :P You don’t really feel adult enough to do things like send food back for a refire. Maybe when I’m 50. The brie was really melty inside though and perfectly accompanied by the grapes and currants.

I think it’s more of a bar spot, but the food here is pretty good too and being surrounded by such openness and space as if we were alfresco on a street corner makes me really happy.


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