Nosh food truck

The fish and chips here are awesome. Flaky, tender, well battered, served with great housemade tartar sauce, and they even serve it with minty mushy peas and malt vinegar for the chips!

Nosh food truck

That is all. The background is grassy because we were eating this by the bank of the river at the Fremont Sunday Market (which it will soon be too cold to do). There happened to be the CUTEST british guy (with floppy hair and gait, kinda like Hugh Grant) there with his daughter, so it all felt very English. Notice that they also bother printing a newspaper design on food safe paper just to add to the whole experience. Other things I recommend at the Fremont market is the Indian stall with the blistered naan that comes with chicken tikka masala, dhal, chutney, and raita. I really liked that. In the summer we get Seattle pops, usually the kona coffee or chocolate banana flavor, both of which are great.

Nosh does sell other English-y things too, I think I even saw rabbit on the menu? If you’re craving some authentic fish and chips this is the place to go. They could stand to be more generous with the mushy peas though!


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