Dinner at Daniel’s Broiler

We came here randomly one evening because I didn’t feel like cooking that day. The servers here are trained to ask you when you come in if you’re here for any special occasion or if you’re celebrating anything (so they can make sure to set it up for you or sound invested in your evening), so it made us a little embarrassed to just be there for dinner. However over the course of that dinner we managed to come up with a few responses we can use the next time we get asked and you’re dining there for no reason in particular.
1. Our yacht just pulled in the harbor (Daniel’s broiler is next to this huge boat yard with a lot of yachts)
2. My rich uncle just died and left us a lot of money to eat at overpriced restaurants
3. Our oven broke down

We’d always driven past this on our way home from shopping at west elm or smth so I was pretty curious what this restaurant was like.

Daniel's Broiler
This was the starter: scallops wrapped in bacon. I thought it might be nice but it really wasn’t. The scallops weren’t fresh and were of course overcooked because they were grilled or something and in the time it takes for your bacon to brown presentably the scallops would be overcooked. Plus any hint of freshness would be marred by the fact that all you can taste is bacon. Lots of people like this combination, which is fine. But I think you get more bang for your buck ordering scallops from an Ethan Stowell restaurant where they sear them perfectly with no distracting flavors like bacon.

Daniel's Broiler
The mushrooms sauteed in red wine (a side) was alright, nothing really special and the esters from the red wine weren’t particularly aromatic either.

Daniel's Broiler
The filet mignon, Daniel’s cut, i.e. a slightly larger cut for sharing. One of the tenderest filet mignons I’ve ever had. I liked this a lot! They make a big deal when you walk in, showing you the little meat fridge and explaining to you that their grill is mega hot (over a 1000 deg F) so it sears in all the flavour etc. etc. The best part of the meal here is certainly the steak, and I highly recommend their steaks. Perfectly seared, lots of flavour, probably dry aged too but I didn’t catch how long.

Daniel's Broiler
Cross section of the medium well filet mignon

Daniel's Broiler
Truffle dressed fingerling potatoes – not much truffle flavour, I mainly tasted the parmesan. And of course truffle just means truffle oil. These were crisp on the outside and buttery on the inside.

Daniel's Broiler
The butter they serve their bread with, sprinkled with himalayan pink salt – so pretty.

Daniel's Broiler
French onion soup – a nice layer of melty gruyere on top but otherwise came in second to the

Daniel's Broiler
lobster bisque, definitely one of the best I’ve had in Seattle. Very creamy, very smooth, and had a nice kick of sherry. I always order this when I come.

Given how the scallops were I think it makes sense to only come here for steak instead of seafood. The Schwartz Brothers do have a seafood restaurant just a little down the lake – Chandler’s Crabhouse, so I imagine that place would do seafood a lot better. They also have a restaurant card that gives you vouchers on your birthdays and stuff like that.


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