Dim sum at O’Asian, Downtown (groupon)

We got a groupon for this place since the pictures on the groupon website of the interior and the dimsum looked quite nice. It was alright I suppose, but I like the dimsum at Bamboo Village better and I suspect most anywhere in Chinatown would be better.

O Asian Dimsum
The taro dumplings were lovely, filled with piping hot taro paste and a crispy bird-nest exterior. You can even see a bit of the charsiew paste oozing out.

O Asian Dimsum
Glazed char siew bao – again, really a bread-type pastry rather than the mantou style pastry. This type of bao is really popular here, with the top glazed with some sticky honey. Not bad, but it wasn’t very warm since this was circulating on the carts.

O Asian Dimsum
The siew mai were large and really juicy, full of bouncy shrimp and minced pork.

O Asian Dimsum
They also had this steamed triangular scallop and corn dumpling which did not really taste very scallop-y or corn-y for that matter but was quite nice and kinda unique as a dimsum dish. Most dimsum restaurants here don’t really deviate from the standard offerings.

O Asian Dimsum
We also decided to get an order of san choy pau – fresh lettuce wraps. The minced pork (or chicken?) filling that came with it had a ton of celery, which I hate. And which also nobody, ever, puts in san choy pau. The crunch in san choy pau is supposed to come from chestnut! I guess it was mainly this that made me decide that I wouldn’t really come back here. The decor of the place is really nice though, feels very asian fusion and its set in an office building/hotel if I’m not wrong so everything looked pretty modern and new (compared say to a hole in the wall type diner). They validate parking too, so that was one less thing to worry about while eating here.


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