Dinner at Pair

Thanksgiving is coming! We had a conference to attend the weekend past in Vancouver so I didn’t have much time to update this space. But we did manage to try a couple more restaurants in Vancouver which will be posted here shortly :P
So Pair is one of those European themed restaurants near our place that does a happy hour. We usually order a mix of things on the happy hour menu and on the dinner menu because their dinner menu things are pretty enticing and their happy hour menu things are affordable :P

Salted broadbeans as a starter. I love their little tapas style dishes which are in a more muted beige than terra cotta.

Herb and cheese gougeres – fluffy and airy little puffs! One of my favourite things to order. Ray’s Boathouse also does a pretty good gougere with a cheese dip.

Their beef brisket with horseradish sliders are extremely juicy, the sauce from the braised beef and the horseradish mayonnaise will drip out as you bite into these tiny burgers. Here we have pickled onion again, which goes perfectly.

And these are the sliced crostini for dipping in the

Cambozola fondue – a mix of gorgonzola and camembert I’m guessing. I didn’t really like the gorgonzola bit too much, would have preferred just camembert. But it was quite nice with the pear slices. The last time we came we saw someone ordering this and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Finally, we shared a small roasted half chicken, which was really tender and well seasoned and browned. It was a very French style chicken, simple, no fixings, no carbs, plated in its own jus.

We didn’t have much room for dessert after this, but the meal wasn’t lacking for it. Everything was very well-portioned and timed. If it were a wee bit more affordable I would probably dine here more regularly. This place isn’t outrageously expensive or anything but a dinner entree probably averages at $18.


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