Dinner at Yoroshiku, Wallingford

This is one of our favourite ramen places within a 10 minute drive – the other one is Kukai ramen in Northgate. But this was the first one we discovered open for lunch (with a more limited menu) which meant that we did a lot of ramen take outs from this place! And this is the only time we’ve dined at their brick and mortar location in Wallingford.

We usually get their zangi chicken – not available for lunch. It’s definitely one of the best japanese fried chicken appetizers in all the japanese restaurants we’ve tried here in that the chicken is totally lean and the fat has rendered completely. The batter is flavorful and does not need further dressing apart from a spritz of lemon. It’s perfect piping hot! Z collected our take out fried chicken from here once and I could smell it the moment he got home.

Their Broiled onigiri comes in two flavours I think, miso butter and shoyu. We got the miso butter ones and they were quite delicious but not as good as the broiled ones at Tanaka-san, which had a higher glaze to rice ratio :P as well as a lovely mentaiko mayo for dipping the onigiri in.

This was our first time trying grilled hokke – from what I understand it’s a larger than usual mackerel which they have filleted nicely and complemented with charred shishito peppers. The peppers are not at all spicy and the hokke fish was quite fresh, if a little too large for us. This is meant to be shared, and would be much nicer with more sides than just the peppers. If you like saba, you’ll like this, but it was a special so I don’t know how often they have it here.

And of course we had their tonkotsu ramen, which is pretty much the only ramen I have here. I’m not sure if it’s actually called tonkotsu ramen, I think they call it shoyu-miso ramen but it is essentially as thick and flavourful as a tonkotsu without the greasiness of the tonkotsu in Kukai. Very clean tasting. They serve a great tsukumen too but in the cold weather soup is obviously the way forward.


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