Lunch at Uneeda Burger, Fremont

This place is a great alternative to Paseo if you find the queue tiresome! It does pretty good burgers and fries.

Uneeda Burger
We got the poutine, which was slathered with gravy and a cheese sauce instead of cheese curd. Haven’t found a poutine here with squeaky cheese curds yet but I really like the one at Frank’s! their rosemary gravy is something else. The portion for the poutine here was a little on the small side, so it was perfect for me. I’d just get the regular fries if you’re after a larger portion.

Uneeda Burger
We got their classic cheeseburger and added a fried egg. It was pretty good! Very juicy, perfectly done patty and perfectly toasted buns. This place is pretty popular with people living in the Fremont neighborhood!

Uneeda Burger
The mushroom swiss burger was done with truffle oil and was a little too salty, but nothing too bad. I would eat it again, but it’s still not as good as the OMG burger at Giddy Up Burger, which I still think about from time to time. That place has got one of the best burgers in Seattle.


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