Zeek’s Pizza

After getting lots of ads in the mail about Zeek’s pizza from the money mailer we finally decided to give it a go. They have a lot of flavors and all of them are very PNW-healthy :P Lots of greens, charred peppers, olive oil, you get the gist.

We were decidedly not impressed with the pizza though. While it is true that the ingredients used were very fresh,

It had no sauce, and look at the width of that crust! I think this is what they call an “olive oil glaze” which reads as “no sauce” to me, and the toppings on the pizza avoided the edge by a good 2 inches or so. There was also very little cheese, or rather, the cheese was directly on the pizza dough which just made it doughy tasting than cheesy tasting. It’s really more like a veggie pie or crostini with grilled vegetables on top, which is not what most people are looking for when they order a pizza. Our new favourite pizza place is Tutta Bella Pizzeria on Stone Way which does Neapolitan pizzas and does it pretty well too! We still haven’t tried Delaney’s on account of it being far and often having a line.


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